This website is dedicated to our beloved Nikhar.

He was a beloved son, brother, grandson, friend and angel.

His memory will continue to live in all of us in so many ways and places.


“We are an ordinary family who had great dreams and aspirations.

We (Suren and Dina) were blessed with two wonderful children; Nikhar Rooplal born on 9 February 1999 and Vyashthi Rooplal was born 19 August 2003.

When an offer to work and live overseas in Qatar in 2009 was presented to us we realized this was a great opportunity to provide a better life and experience for our family…

So began our journey and life that was full of joy and new experiences in the years to follow.

All changed in the blink of an eye on 06 October 2014 when Nikhar had a fatal accident during a family holiday in Spain.

For us (Suren; Dina and Vyashthi) this was a turning point in our lives – it meant the loss of our only son and beloved brother.

As a family this has been our starting point to embark on this journey to try and assist those in need to honour Nikhar’s memory. As this is a private initiative; we will try to provide funding or assistance on a scale and time that we can manage. The aim is to target those in need especially those who have no doors to open to save them or their loved ones.

We are currently still living in Qatar and travel as often as possible to South Africa.